Domiciliation is the provision of services by a third party associated with the establishment of residency and the conduct of business by a company in Luxembourg.

Why choose domiciliation in Luxembourg?

As one of the world’s major financial platforms, Luxembourg has a lot to offer:

  • An extensive double tax-treaty network
  • Ever changing regulation to fit the economic climate
  • Sophisticated infrastructures to boost the investment in local, European and international companies


What we can do for you

  • A prestigious address in Luxembourg city to establish the residence of your companies
  • Full legal services and advice on the choice of corporate structure to incorporate your vehicle
  • Provision of Luxembourg company managers / directors
  • Accounting services and auditors are provided by our close network of professionals
  • Company bookkeeping
  • Deposit of bearer shares according to the law of July 28th, 2014

How we can do it

Administrative and legal follow-up

  • The establishment of your head office or establishment
  • The use of our address
  • The reception, sorting and distribution of your mail

Communication lines

  • The provision of a telephone number and a fax number
  • The personalized management of your calls (reception and taking of messages, filtering, transfer of calls, etc …)

Accounting (via our business partners) 

  • Monitoring and maintenance of the accounts and preparation of annual accounts
  • Follow-up, registration and deposit of documents
  • Follow-up of the preparation of tax déclarations

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